At the HairColor Studio our goal is to give you a relaxed, healthy environment where our entire team is dedicated to making you feel at home. We pride ourselves on providing quality service while maintaining and improving the integrity of your hair by using the best in organic and ECO friendly products. We are very passionate about our environment and health. We reduce, reuse, and recycle anywhere we can. We welcome you to our salon in Norfolk VA, and look forward to fulfilling your needs to the very best of our ability.


The Hair Color Specialists

Ocean View HairColor Studio specializes in hair color. We use brands that are committed to the health of you, your hair, and our environment. These brands contain little to no ammonia and have organically and botanically derived ingredients that make for a more pleasant hair coloring experience. We offer a variety of services from just a hint of color to funky fashion shades, hair cuts, and texture enhancing services.

Our Brands

We have chosen to work with Oway and Pravana because of their dedication to the hair stylist, the environment, and quality ingredients. Both companies have packaging that is either infinitely recyclable or biodegradable in the landfill in less than a year. They are also committed to using clean, renewable ingredients and reducing or eliminating the toxic stuff.

Hair coloring Norfolk