Meet Our Team!

Susan Dillon

Owner/Stylist/Color-Texture Specialist

Susan has a long history in the beauty industry, starting in Washington, D.C.; she has trained in New York, Chicago, and Charlotte just to name a few. She also has a background in education, management and salon ownership. She is well respected for her expertise in Permanent Texture Design, a method of perming hair so that it looks and behaves like natural curl, as well as being a Color Specialist. As one of the founding owners of OVHCS, Susan invites you to come and enjoy the relaxed and professional atmosphere at the salon and let them help you find your perfect style.

One of the things Susan loves about working in the hairstyling industry is meeting new people and developing long-term professional relationships with her clients. She understands that hairstyles should be flattering, as well as easy to maintain and enjoys working personally with each of her clients to create a look that is the perfect fit. Susan loves to build a hairstyle around the face shape adding color to enhance the look.

Andrea Ducharme

Owner/Guest Services Coordinator

Andrea moved to Virginia in the early fall of 2009 from Connecticut.  Andrea has been working in the customer service arena for most of her working career.  Andrea came to Ocean View HairColor Studio as Guest Services Coordinator in the late summer of 2015, and in early 2018 has become an Owner.  Andrea continues to assist you with all your scheduling needs and answering any and all questions you may have regarding our services and hair care products.



Elizabeth moved to Ocean View in 2002.  Elizabeth graduated from Rudy and Kelly Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, this is where her love for the industry grew.  Elizabeth has been a valued team member at Ocean View HairColor Studio since January of 2012.

Elizabeth loves doing creative color placements and out of the box cuts to create custom looks for her clients while maintaining the natural integrity of their hair and educating them on take home care. She has a passion for organic living and is happy to work in a salon that values natural over chemical. Elizabeth loves learning new trends in hair design. She strives to have a great communication with every client. Wild to mild, she loves to see you smile!

Freya Pischke

Front Desk / Guest Coordinator

Freya’s Parents moved to Ocean View in 2002.

She was homeschooled (salon-schooled) by her mother Elizabeth Pischke (hairstylist/color specialist) from 2012 to 2018

She is a self-employed artist and has been drawing for 15 years and painting for 3.

She specializes in the nature of portraits and has become Ocean view Hair Color Studio’s In-House Artist / Front Desk & Guest Coordinator as of August 2018